Terms & Conditions of Sales

The tenant is responsible for the cycle from the beginning of the rental
Any rental made is not refunded
The minor must submit a release signed by a responsible person
Any day booked and started is due in full
Duration of the day: 8 hours (from morning to evening)
Any damage suffered by the vehicle will be the responsibility of the tenant
The tenant must provide routine maintenance of the cycle
Repairs made outside the stores will not be refunded, unless prior agreement of the renter
The equipment must be returned clean, otherwise the lessor may apply a cleaning fee
In order to please the greatest number, and depending on the period of affluence, we may unfortunately be led to refuse certain reservations
It is forbidden to :
Roll on the beaches
Up or down sidewalks on the cycle
Carry an adult or child over 15 kg on the luggage rack
Extend the rental period without prior approval of the store
The lessee assures full responsibilitythe rented vehicle and ensures all disputes that may arise as a result of this rental,
as well as the theft of said vehicle .
In case of theft of a cycle, it is essential to provide the store within 24 hours the original filing of the complaint for theft, issued by the police or the police.
The amount equivalent to the amount of the bike and its accessories will be charged as compensation according to the scale on our price list and corresponding to the category rented.

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